Rubbish – Yard Waste – Refuse

Weekly rubbish pick-up every Monday EAST SIDE OF 127 TUESDAY WEST SIDE OF 127

Holiday Collection Schedule

Waste Management Holiday Schedule

Waste Management does not provide service on the following holidays – service will resume the following day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day



New Years 

Hayes Township Yard-waste Preparation Guidelines

Place leaves in reusable 30 gal. Containers marked “Yard Waste”, or in 30 gallon biodegradable paper bags.” No Plastic Bags” Will Be Picked Up. Cut brush, hedge trimmings and small limbs into 4 foot sections and securely bundle. Bundles must be no more than 4 feet long and weigh no more than 50 lbs.

Hayes Township Refuse Collection Policy

Large Items:  Furniture and other non-metal household furnishings will be collected each week along with the solid waste. Residents are not required to call our office prior to the scheduled pick up days.

Metal Items:  Metal items will be collected on the second Friday of each month. Residents must call Waste Management at 1-989-539-9626 or 1-800-323-9626 before 5:00 PM on the Wednesday preceding the pick-up date and provide their address and items to be collected.

NOTE: Appliances containing or once containing HFC or CFC (Freon) will not be collected unless the refrigerant has been extracted and tagged by a certified and licensed extractor.

Refuse in collected each Monday (6am-8pm). Have your items out to the road by 6:00 am, or the evening prior (in a covered container).


Waste Management will not collect or dispose of the following items:


Items deemed dangerous to personnel or equipment (gasoline, hot ashes, items to heavy to be lifted by two average people) will not be picked up.

Disposal of prohibited items are your responsibility, Hayes Township enforces its Blight Ordinance.

*Paint cans may be picked up only if they are uncovered, empty, and all paint has dried inside.

Winter Weather Reminder

Waste Management is committed to the safety of our drivers, our community, and your business. To ensure we are able to safely and effectively service your container on days with snow and ice accumulations, please have the area and pathway around your container salted and cleared of snow and ice.

Please remember that if your container is in a gated enclosure, you will need to ensure that the area is cleared of snow/ice and salted when the gates are fully opened. Keep lids closed to avoid snow inside the container which adds excessive weight and takes up valuable room. Salt the pins at the bottom of your gates to avoid freezing and the inability to open your enclosure. This is a good time to alert your snow plowing company of the steps they can take to help us service your container.

At Waste Management, we take pride in providing superior service to our customers. The following weather-related conditions may affect your collection:

  • Cannot open gates or access container due to deep or plowed in by snow
  • Snow/ice too deep to push container to truck
  • Steep hill or winding road that may be difficult to navigate during snow or ice conditions
  • No place to turn around due to areas not being plowed
  • Road closures
  • Wind chill factor which impacts the safety of our drivers and proper vehicle operation
  • Reduced visibility such as blizzard conditions, sleet, fog and hail

We will make every effort to notify you of weather-related service impacts via phone.  Please ensure we have your updated contact information including your business phone number.

You may contact us via email at, utilize our chat feature on or call us at 866-797-9018 Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm EST.

Thank you for being a Waste Management customer; we value your business.